V1.62 Release Note:


1. Applied TS103_176 specification for DAB Alternative Frequency Test function.
2. Reduce repeat number and time of EON switching information.
3. Add SFN Off function to prohibit unexpected interrupt signal form data IO port.
4. DL+ command in DAB mode set Link bit as 0. It should be the same as DL message toggle bit.
5. DL+ of DAB had a bug. Contents Indicator of F-PAD for DL+ command was not correct.
6. In DAB announcement function test, the target channel value on GUI was not matched with real transmitted one.
7. Other Ensemble test function mode for DAB announcement is added.
8. DAB EID and SID used the same Country code. So when one of them changed, the other was updated too. From this version EID and SID will be independent.
9. If the Label encoding mode is UCS_2, only HEX edit mode is allowed to modify 2-byte characters​.


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