The Updates on PC Utility V2.634


1. Added a scripter function to control multi equipment up to four RWC2010Bs​.
2. Improved file manager function
     - downloading files from RWC ftp server to user PC
     - downloading files from user PC to RWC2010B
     - streaming a PC file to RWC2010B
     - deleting contents files of RWC2010B
     - formatting the SD card of RWC2010B
3. Improved DRM MRR test function
     - New GUI
     - saving and recalling tested parameters for each test item
4. Improved Text editor
     - easy UI with radio buttons
     - history function added

[Bug Fixed]
1. Fixed bugs in automatic text cropping  w.r.t. the text length limitation​.

The Updates on PC Utility V2.633


1. Improved the file download stability and retransmission.
​2. Added a file list-up function with user input.
​3. Added a overwrite option in the factory files download function.

 The Updates on PC Utility V2.632


Fixed the application crash issue related to other IP addresses than 192.168.xxx.xxx.


The Updates on PC Utility V2.631


Multiple seamless linking tests are available with up to 4 stations of DAB, DRM and/or FM.
All the testers should be connected to the same local area network as a control PC.
The RS-232 cable is no longer necessary for the test.