Service Linking Test Tool Using RWC2010B and RWC2100F

This is "Service Linking Test Tool Using RWC2010B and RWC2100F", which can control up to four pieces of equipment simultaneously. One equipment (station) is allowed to configure up to 3 services and accordingly the application can force to transmit up to 12 services with any combinations of DAB, DRM and/or FM RDS. The audio delay for each service is configurable for the seamless linking test. Please download the necessary files from the following.


Attached Files

rwcServiceLinkingTestTool_V1.00.zip          : PC application software (updated on Feb 2, 2022)

Service Linking Test application manual.pdf​  : user manual 


Before using the service linking test tool with your RWC2010B and/or RWC2100F, please upgrade your equipment with the following FW versions and download the contents file to the equipment using the relevant utility or application. 


RWC2010B Utility and FW

​RWC2010B_FW_V1.640_20210629 (for upgrading FW)

RWC2010_utility_V2.633 (for downloading the contents file) 


RWC2100F Application (FW included)

RWC2100F_App_V1.022_20210630 (for upgrading FW and downloading the contents file) 


Contents files for the service linking test

Download files 

service_linking.wav    for FM in both RWC2010B and RWC2100F
service_linking.mp2    for DAB in RWC2010B only
service_linking.drm30  for DRM30 in RWC2010B only
service_linking.drmp   for DRM+ in RWC2010B only 


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