RWC5020A/B/M Firmware Release V1.323 July 15 2021



1. Added AS923-4 regional parameter.

2. Removed the temporary added IL-917 regional parameter for Israeli local testing.

3. Applied the latest application layer protocols for FUOTA testing. The list of application layer protocols is as follows.

     - TS003-Application_Layer_Clock_Synchronization_v2.0.0-rc4

     - TS004-Fragmented_Data_Block_Transport_v2.0.0-rc7

     - TS005-Remote_Multicast_Setup_v2.0.0-rc3

     - TS006-Firmware_Management_Protocol-v1.0.0-rc3

     - TS007-Multi_Package_Access-v1.0.0-rc3



4. The packet for the downlink error test consisted of a random payload of port number 100. However, according to the test specification, it was changed to use 0x03 (unconfirmed command) and additional random bytes with port number 224.


[RF Performance]

5. Added RX power monitoring and storage function.

6. Improved AGC function to not apply MIC error packets.



7. -


[Link Analyzer]

8. MIC_ERR_DISPLAY parameter was missed in GWT mode. Added it to the LINK parameter screen in GWT mode.



9. -


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