[Important Notice] If the current FW version of your RWC2010B is earlier than V1.630, please upgrade it with V1.640 first. If successful, proceed with upgrading it with the latest version. If you have any questions, email us at support@redwoodcomm.com.

RWC2010B FW Release V1.646 Nov 09 2022


1. ​​Fixed bug in Alarm Announcement in DAB. The Alarm flag of FIG0/0 is not set correctly.

2. Added Text Control function for LABEL and TEXT in DRM.

3. ​dBuV power is missing from the Save/Recall function. This bug has been fixed.

4. Increase the maximum number of bytes in DRM text from 112 to 128.


RWC2010B FW Release V1.645 Aug 25 2022


1. Fixed an issue with switching between ETI and MDI file player.

2. Added Modulation On/Off Parameter​.


RWC2010B FW Release V1.644 Mar 18 2022


1. Added EPG function to DAB data channel and PAD channel. Up to 10 program schedule times can be edited.


RWC2010B FW Release V1.643 Feb 18 2022


1. Added multi-DSP boot function to free up program memory and add more functions.

2. Added SLS function to DAB data channel and PAD channel. Users can download their own PNG files to test the SLS functionality..

3. Added SPI function to DAB data channel and PAD channel. Four types of RedwoodComm LOG images can be transmitted over the SPI channel.


RWC2010B FW Release V1.642 Aug 26 2021


1. The concept of the DAB announcement function has been improved to support multiple cluster IDs for each service.

2. Fixed bug in CONTENTS_START function for content reset in ETI/MDI. Although the CONTENTS_START parameter displays at 0.1% resolution, there was a problem that it was applied at 4% resolution.

3. Added Service Component Information (SCI) testing function to functional testing. Many parameters (MODE, CHANGE_FLAG, SERVICE, PART_TIME_FLAG, SID_FLAG, SD, EID_FLAG, EID, YEAR, MONTH, DAY, HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND) have been added.

4. Added LA(Link Actuator) parameter for selecting active link or future link of Alternative Frequency function in DAB.

5. Added CONTINUITY parameter for setting continuity flag of Alternative Frequency function in DAB.

6. Added REGION_ID parameter for setting region id of Alternative Frequency function in DAB.


RWC2010B FW Release V1.641 Aug 08 2021


1. FM RDS has an RT/eRT flag in the 3A data group to select the destination for the tag information. This flag was always set to 0 even when eRT+ was selected. Instead of this setting, the application ID was set differently. This bug has been fixed to correctly set the RT/eRT flag and use the same application ID.

2. The concept of the DAB announcement function has been completely changed to support multiple cluster IDs, support flags, target channels, and more.


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