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Releases pre-certification results


Bellow one can find the pre-certification test results for a given release.

Starting from release 4.4.2 the rule stating that a release only happened once 2 test houses confirmed the pre-certification results has been changed in order to speedup the release process.

From now on we will run the pre-certification tests using the Redwoodcomm RWC5020A tool. Once the Alliance provides access to their pre-certification tool it will be used as well.


Release Version 4.4.2

Release date


LoRaWAN version


Pre-certification status

The pre-certification tests have been run with a NucleoL476 + SX1261MBXBAS platform using the LoRaMac/classA example.

RegionVerdictRWC5020ALCTT# Test housesComments
EU868PASS[x][ ]0-
US915PASS[x][ ]1See Note 1 and Note 2below
CN779Not tested[ ][ ]0No certification specification
EU433Not tested[ ][ ]0No certification specification
AU915Not tested[ ][ ]0No certification specification
CN470Not tested[ ][ ]0No certification specification
AS923PASS[x][ ]0-
KR920PASS[x][ ]0-
IN865PASS[x][ ]1See Note 3 below

Note 1US915 Join procedure tests 2.1 and 2.2 fail due to the fact that the US915 region test specification hasn't yet been updated to be in sync with the latest regional parameters specification.
The issue is that the current released test specification mandates the tools to check that the end-device alternatively uses DR0 and DR4 to issue JoinReq frames while in the latest regional parameters specification the end-device can use other algorithms for the channels selection. The tool should only check that the end-device makes use of both datarates (DR0 and DR4) and not in which order.

Note 2The Redwoodcomm RWC5020A tool only supports 8 channels while the specification mandates the usage of 64 channels for US915 regions. In order to run the tests using this tool the ClassA end-device example has been modified as follows:

Click to show the code changes!

Note 3: On Redwoodcomm RWC5020A tool some tests for IN865 fail. Although a test house confirmed that the same failing tests were successful on their test setup.

The issue is currently under investigation.

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