RWC2010C DAB/DRM/RDS Tester a compact all-in-one tester. It provides DAB, DAB+, DMB, DRM30, DRM+, AM, FM and RDS functions with full control over system parameters. It supports various kinds of data services such as BWS, TPEG, EPG, SLS and it has ETI/MDI file player function so that any users’ files recorded in the field can be played back in labs. It also provides analog AM and FM radio test functions with editable RDS configuration. It also provides a Audio Analyzer function with SINAD/SNR/THD measurement.


    RWC2010C is equipped with Ensemble Multiplexer, which simply enables to simulate the functions of broadcast stations. Protocol parameters can be easily edited via friendly GUI, and applied immediately to the signal being broadcasted. The built-in Ensemble Multiplexer supports up to 64 Services and 64 Service Components for DAB/DMB, and up to 4 Streams for DRM with easy on/off configuration, where the graphical structure helps users understand how to build. 







    RWC2010C supports high-tech protocol tests such as Reconfiguration, Announcement, and Alternative Frequency. Reconfiguration is a function to provide the required mechanisms for changing the multiplex configuration whilst maintaining continuity of services. It is achieved by sending at least the relevant part of the information of the future multiplex configuration in advance as well as the information for the current configuration. With RWC2010C, users can set the current and future configurations from the GUI and initiate the reconfiguration procedure whenever they want. Announcement is a function for a compulsory situation or automaton functions. For example, emergency situations may activate an announcement function. This function changes the channel for every listener so that they can hear the emergency message or announcement. Alternatively, it can also be used by listeners to set the channel to change to a specific program at a specific time. RWC2010C offers a screen that the user can use to change the announcement function, and it transmits announcement related FIG for DAB/DMB and SDC data for DRM for compulsive channel changing. Alternative frequency is a function that allows a receiver to re-tune to a different frequency that provides the same station or related, when the original signal becomes too weak. The RWC2010C provides an easy AF test function by setting the AF frequency and target system through the GUI, and controlling the output power.






    The ETI (or MDI) file describes the characteristics of a signal suitable for transporting a full DAB Ensemble (or DRM Multiplex), where the ETI comprises a number of sub-channels and a formatted Fast Information Channel (FIC) between the DAB Ensemble provider and the Transmission network provider, and the MDI does a number of streams and a formatted Service Description Channel (SDC) between the DRM Multiplex provider and the Transmission network provider. It means that if a specific broadcasting station’s T-DMB/DAB (or DRM) signal is recorded as an ETI (or MDI) file, the recorded file contains all the information about the station. Using these files with the RWC2010C’s ETI/MDI function, specific broadcasting stations’ T-DMB/DAB signals or DRM signals can be easily regenerated in labs.








    RWC2010C provides analog AM/FM and RDS test functions. Most DAB/DMB/DRM receivers also have analog AM/FM features, so it is meaningful to integrate the test system with both digital radio functions like DAB/DMB/DRM functions and analog radio functions into a single tester. 










    It can be operated stand-alone, and also can be controlled and played with the RWC2010x PC application. The RWC2010x PC application provides various control and measurement functions such as file handling, AM/FM setting, remote controlling and gathering audio measurement data from RWC2010C. Audio measurement data includes SINAD, SNR, THD, waveform and spectrum.




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