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Releases pre-certification results


Bellow one can find the pre-certification test results for a given release.

Starting from release 4.4.2 the rule stating that a release only happened once 2 test houses confirmed the pre-certification results has been changed in order to speedup the release process.

From now on we will run the pre-certification tests using the Redwoodcomm RWC5020A tool. Once the Alliance provides access to their pre-certification tool it will be used as well.


Release Version 4.4.3

Release date


LoRaWAN version


Pre-certification status

The pre-certification tests have been run with a NucleoL476 + SX1261MBXBAS platform using the LoRaMac/classA example.

RegionVerdictRWC5020ALCTT# Test housesComments
US915Not tested[ ][ ]0-
CN779Not tested[ ][ ]0No certification specification
EU433Not tested[ ][ ]0No certification specification
AU915Not tested[ ][ ]0No certification specification
CN470Not tested[ ][ ]0No certification specification
AS923Not tested[ ][ ]0-
KR920Not tested[ ][ ]0-
IN865Not tested[ ][ ]0-


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