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Firmware Release V1.200 Sep 16 2019



1. Add KZ865 regional parameters.

2. Fix the Bug. In EDT mode, the first of second group UL channel should be modifiable but it showed as unmodifiable.

3. Fix the Bug . After TX power measurement was executed, SET_TEST_MODE function did not work correctly.

4. Modify Class B test scenario to use default value of PING_PERIODICITY. This value becomes editable in EDT mode from this version

5. Increase Maximum number of UL channel from 7 to 8 for EU868 region in EDT mode

6. Increase Maximum number of UL channel from 6 to 7 for IN865 region in EDT mode

7. Add AS923CH_MODE parameter to select AS923 band(AS920-923,  AS923-925)

8. Channel number was fixed for optional DR. From this version, the channel number for optional DR is editable.

9. Change Pop-up value list of ADR_DR for LINK_ADR MAC Command in EDT from [DR_0, DR_1, DR_2, DR_3, DR_4, DR_5, DR_6, DR_7] to [DR0_SF12BW125, DR1_SF11BW125, DR2_SF10BW125, DR3_SF9BW125, DR4_SF8BW125, DR5_SF7BW125, DR6_SF7BW250, DR7_FSK50].

10. Allow to transmit DL packet in beacon guard time in class B mode


For more information about the release, please refer to the firmware release note from the following download link.


Download ▶ RWC5020A_FW_V1.200_20190916 



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