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RWC5020B Firmware Release V1.210 Jan 9 2020



1. In CN470, DR5 is decoded as DR0. Fix this bug.

2. In RU864, KZ865, the default value of Ping DR is changed as DR3.


3. In SKT TC05, RWC5020x sent unconfirmed ExtDevMgmt message. Change the message type as confirmed.

4. Remove SKT TX Power test which uses index 7 because of specification is changed.

5. In SKT TC01, certification was not stopped properly. Fix the bug.

6. In SKT certification, DUT control method is improved for better synchronization with certification procedure.

7. In RWC5020x Ver1.20, the minimum power index of IN Certi 9.2 was mistakenly changed from 10 to 15. It is returned to 10.

[RF Performance]

8. In Normal UL sensitivity test, RWC5020x sent Activate Test mode command. It is fixed to do not send Activate Test mode command in this mode.

9. Fix the AGC problem in CW Power & Freqency Test measurement.


10. Network setting had problem. It did not applied to RF correctly.

11. Some parameters have been shared between TX/RX/MFG modes. Seprate all parameters for independent set.

[Link Analyzer]

12. IN865 ADR_CH_MASK range was limited to 0x07. The range of this vaule is changed as 0x7F.

13. Change the Maximum value of UPDATE_FCNT from 0xFFFF to 0xFFFFFFFF.

14. Fix the bug of multiple LinkADRReq in GWT. RWC5020x only applied the last LinkADRReq command.

15. Fix the bug with applying the channel masks in US915 and AU915. The changed channel mask value was not immediately applied.


For more information about the release, please refer to the firmware release note from the following download link.


Download ▶ RWC5020B_FW_V1.210_20200109 


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