V1.623 Release Note:


1. The sampling frequency of DRM_IQ file was fixed at 48KHz which is not sufficient for DRM+. 192KHz and 250KHz sampling frequencies have been added for DRM Plus.

2. The sampling frequency of wave files for FM and AM was fixed at 22.05KHz. 44.1KHz sampling frequency wave files are allowed from this version.


* Regarding "unknown tags" in MDI file player, the unintended phenomenon in V1.622 was removed, and the operation in V1.623 is the same as in V1.620.



V1.622 Release Note:


1. Added Text Control function for DAB Label.

2. Fix the bugs of file deleting function and file size calculation function.

3. Improved FW upgrade function. FW data was immediately written to flash memory without checking the parity of the entire data. Changed to check the parity of entire data before writing to flash memory.



V1.621 Release Note:


1. DRM MDI player may decode stream parameters not correctly and does not transmit streams properly.  


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