RWC5020x FW_V1.220_20200518
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Please use V1.221 as a substitute for V1.220.


RWC5020A/B/M Firmware Release V1.220 May 18 2020



1. The default value of the channel mask for AS923 in GWT was incorrectly set to 0x07 indicating 3 channels. Changed to 0x03 to indicate only 2 channels.


2. In the SKT TC01, the DUT reset timing was not appropriate; the RWC5020x sent the reset command to the DUT even after receiving a Join-request message from DUT, causing the activation to fail sometimes. Removed unnecessary reset commands.

3. In 10.1 of US/CA915 Certification, the RX1DROffset value for DL DR setting was not correct. Fixed it.

[RF Performance]

4. Changing TX power while the link is running caused the link to be stopped automatically. Changed to keep the link status even though TX power is changed.

5. In the RX sensitivity test in GWT mode, the RWC5020x counted up the number of errors even when missing a packet from the DUT. Fixed not to include the tester's fault into the test result.

6. Improved comment messages in the RX sensitivity test in GWT mode.

7. One of the scenarios for TX power measurement in EDT mode, CERTI_UL was renamed to CERTI_DL_CNT.

8. In the RX sensitivity test, a big difference between the normal link power (defined in the RF configuration) and the initial power for the RX sensitivity test could cause a DUT not to receive packets due to sudden big change of the power. Improved with a way of changing the power gradually so that the DUT can adapt.


9. There was a problem in receiving LoRa packets caused by incorrect setting of the RX polarity and the SF. Fixed it. 

10. RX packet parameters were not allowed to modify while the Signal Analyzer (NST RX function) is running. Improved it possible.

11. Removed the DUT TYPE parameter from NST TX, NST RX and MFG to avoid complexity.

12. Removed the optional DR from the RX sensitivity test in GWT mode, because an End-device cannot initiate configuration of optional DR for the link.

[Link Analyzer]

13. Increased the maximum limit of the MAC_ANS_TO from 600 to 6,000 seconds, to cope with a DUT whose UL interval is very long.

14. There was a system halt issue due to an initializaion failure of the LoRa modulcation chipset when the frequency band is changed from high (862~960MHz) to Low (400~510MHz). Fixed it.

15. In EDT mode, RWC5020x responded with Join-accept even for Join-request over an invalid channel. Fixed it by preventing RWC5020x from responding, and just marking the received join-request as a channel error.

16. Added Periodic Downlink option in Class A Mode – None, Confirmed, or Unconfirmed. 

17. FPort was displayed as 000 for a pakcet with no payload. Changed it to be shown as “---“.

18. Even after receiving a Join-accept with the MIC error in GWT mode, the RWC5020x acted as activated by sending uplink messages. Fixed it.


19. Improved the FW upgrade function with two-step method - the FW binary data is transferred to the main processor of the tester, and it is written into the flash memory for better reliability of upgrading.

20. In GWT mode, the downlink slot parameter had to be selected manually to RX1, RX2, or RX1&RX2 according to the test purpose. Improved the receiver performance of the RWC5020x, so that the downlink slot is fixed to RX1&RX2. Removed the downlink slot parameter.

21. Improved the calibration function of the touch screen. 



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