RWC5020x SW_V1.220_20200518
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Please use V1.221 as a substitute for V1.220.


RWC5020A/B/M PC Software Release V1.220 May 18 2020


It is strongly recommended to uninstall the old software from your PC before installing V1.220.


1. This PC Application will be run correctly only if the SW and FW version is matched(1.220)

2. This detects RWC5020A/B/M automatically

[Bugs fixed]

1. Incorrect displaying the target channel masking is fixed

2. Incorrect saving the not tested parameters in PER test is fixed

3. Wrong displayed parameters such as regional frequencies, channel mask, and data rate are fixed.

[New Functions]

1. DUT type and Region must be selected when a new DUT is created

2. FUOTA TEST function is added

3. NST SG, NST SA functions are added

4. Remote Controlling DUT and TESTER, and capturing screen functions are moved to functionality menu category.


1. Zooming is added in PER graph

2. Scaling is added in report function window

3. A button [Sync as RX1/RX2] for synchronizing between RX1 and RX2 parameters is added

4. A checkbox for Increasing or decreasing power in 10 dB step in PER parameter window is added

5. Automatic saving the last tested parameter is added in PER and NST(MFG, SG, and SA) test

6. Saving link message with colored text

7. Not tested parameters will not be displayed in summary table

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