V1.630 Release Note:​ 


1. Added TAG on/off function in DL+ of DAB.
2. There was an error in DAB sending FIG104 once with the previous configuration after reconfiguration was complete. Fixed in this version.
3. In FM RDS, an AUDIO_VOLUME parameter has been added to control the audio volume.
4. Improved stereo FM Left/Right separation rate. 
5. In FM RDS, an MUSIC_SPEECH parameter has been added to set program type.
6. In DAB, user can select and transmit either normal or extended labels, but it has been improved to transmit simultaneously.
7. In DAB, encoding flag, number of segments, character flag fields should be transmitted only when the segment index is 0, but it is always transmitted.
8. Fixed a bug where the RT was transmitted even though eRT was selected in FM RDS.
9. Fixed a bug where the LANGUAGE parameter was not transmitted on FM RDS
10. The sampling frequency of the DRM_IQ file was fixed at 48KHz, which was not enough for DRM Plus. To improve this, 192KHz and 250KHz sampling frequencies have been added to the DRM IQ mode.
11. Sampling frequency was fixed at 22.05KHz for FM and AM wave files. A 44.1KHz sampling frequency wave file is also available in this version.
12. Added Text Control function for DAB Label.
13. File deletion function and file size calculation function bug fixed.
14. Improved FW upgrade function. FW data was immediately written to flash memory without checking the parity of the entire data. Changed to check the parity of entire data​ before writing to flash memory.
15. Fixed a bug where the DRM MDI player could not decode stream parameters correctly and transmit the stream properly. 



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