RWC5020A/B/M PC Software Release V1.310 Feb 15 2021


It is strongly recommended to uninstall the old software from your PC before installing V1.310.


1. Protocol version parameter is separated from LoRaWAN1.0.x to LoRaWAN1.0.3 and LoRaWAN1.0.4 to support different features for the two versions.

2. Fixed a bug where RWC5020x would die while responding when there were more than 4 MAC commands in a single frame. 


3. Upgrade EU Certification to V1.6.

4. Upgrade US/CA Certification to V1.5.1.

5. Upgrade AS Certification to V1.1.1.

6. Upgrade IN Certification to V1.1.1.

7. Upgrade KR Certification to V1.2.1.

8. In the TX Power test item of the LoRaWAN Pre-certification tests, the power measurement procedure has been improved so that power measurement is performed again when the power measurement is not normally performed due to the RX GAIN change by the RX AGC function.


[RF Performance]

9. The INIT_RX_GAIN parameter was removed. Instead, the RX_GAIN parameter is automatically updated according to the RX signal power and stored in memory for the next link setup.

10. Added “No RX packet notification” message. If there are no packets for a while (RX_GAIN_WARING_TO), it will prompt to check the tester's RX GAIN or DUT TX setting.

11. Fixed a bug where the power measurement value became incorrect when very high input power (over 10dBm) suddenly came into the RWC5020x due to an AGC operation error.

12. In KR920 SKT mode, the DR setting MAC command for PER measurement has been changed to be transmitted as Confirmed and FOpts.



13. In the MFG test, the RWC5020x was improved to ignore packets received when transmitting.

14. Fixed bug with last TX packet power setting in MFG test. The last TX packet power was incorrectly set as the end flag packet power.

15. In the MFG test, we corrected a sequence number display error.


[Link Analyzer]

16. In EDT mode, it is improved to update the DL channel values while modifying the UL channel values.

17. The range of the TIME_OFFSET parameter was changed from +/-10,000us to +/-100,000us.



18. Fixed a bug to send ACK response to the *SAVE, *RECALL remote commands.

19. RWC5020M did not provide a save/recall function. However, the Save/Recall function is also enabled for the RWC5020M for quick setup of some configurations.


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