RWC5020A/B/M PC Software Release V1.321 May 17 2021


It is strongly recommended to uninstall the old software from your PC before installing V1.321.


1. This PC Application will be run correctly only if the SW and FW version is matched(FW V1.321).

2. This detects RWC5020A/B/M automatically. 


[Bug fixed]

1. Freezing problem while moving the application in test Perf RX2

2. disappearing problem during testing on Perf RX2 US

3. Lagging during resizing in link analyzer 

RWC5020A/B/M PC Software Release V1.320 Apr 30 2021



1. This PC Application will be run correctly only if the SW and FW version is matched(FW V1.320).

2. This detects RWC5020A/B/M automatically. 



1. All regional pre-certification test is added for LoRaWAN version 1.0.4 (EU868, EU433, US195, AU195, KR920, AS923, CN470, IN865, RU817, IL917).

2. LoRaWAN version 1.0.2 is added.

3. Region IL917 is added.

4. Since LoRaWAN 1.0.4 no longer supports Test mode MAC commands, test mode MAC commands are removed from Link Analyzer's MAC commands list.

5. Removed the CERTI_ECHO, CERTI_DL_CNT scenarios in Performance test when testing LoRaWAN Version 1.0.4.



1. Added the Network adapter selection function for the gateway non-regression test.

2. Exchanged the button to a checkbox for synchronization RX1/RX2 parameter.

3. ‘Class C’ PER test is added in Performance Test Function.

4. Added ‘FCNT_AVG_N’ and RX_‘AGC(ON/OFF)’ parameters in NST. 


[Bug fixed]

1. The ‘STEP’ and ‘# POW’ parameters of the PER test is matched to the FW

POW STEP : 1dB → 0.5 dB

# POW:Max. 20 → 100 ea

2. Fixed missed items of UL DR list.

3. Limit the CH_MASK value for the Optional DR of the LINK_ADR_REQ MAC command in the link analyzer.

4. Some minor bugs are fixed.


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