LoRa Manufacturing Test Example using RWC5020x

This is "LoRa Manufacturing Test Example using RWC5020x", which has two different test methods - NST mode for separate TX / RX test and MFG mode for combined TX / RX test. Please download the necessary files from the following.


Attached Files

LoRaApp_Example_MP_V1.01.zip : source codes and executable file included (verified for both 900MHz and 400MHz)

B-L072Z-LRWAN1_NST_MFG.zip : firmware binary files for B-L072Z-LRWAN1 

RAN502012R0 - Manufacturing test solution using RWC5020x.pdf​ : application note / user manual


RWC5020x FW Version (recommended)

RWC5020x_FW_V1.322_20210604 or later


Related Application Notes

RAN502008R4 - Remote_Example_for_Production_Tests (for multiple DUT) 

RAN502009R1 - Remote_Example_for_Production_Tests_with_MFG


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