RWC2100F PC Application Release V1.022 Jun 30 2021

It is strongly recommended to uninstall the old software from your PC before installing V1.022.

[Bug fixed]

1. Improved File download stability and retransmission.



RWC2100F FW Release V1.022 Jun 29 2021


1. On FM RDS, the TA (ON) of the 14A group should be set to the same value as the TA of the target channel, but it is always set to 1. This bug is fixed.

2. Content resetting was unstable, which could cause music transfer to stop. This bug was improved.

3. Increased content download retransmission timeout for stable download.

4. Added “*RST” remote command for default setting.

RWC2100F FW Release V1.021 May 30 2021


1. A multi-channel power setting remote command is added.


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