RWC2010B FW Release V1.640 Jun 29 2021


1. 1. Added S/H parameter for selecting soft link or hard link of Alternative Frequency function in DAB.

2. Added a special remote command to control all 3 FM channels at once.

3. The alternative frequency function for DAB and DRM has been improved. It has been improved to support multiple target systems simultaneously.

4. Added enable/disable function for Announcement and Service Linking in DAB.

5. On FM RDS, the TA (ON) of the 14A group should be set to the same value as the TA of the target channel, but it is always set to 1. This bug is fixed.

6. Fixed a bug in the OE flag in FIG0/6. It needs to be set to 0 (reserved), but set it to 1.

7. In case of DAB-DAB linking, FIG 0/6 was signalled without the details of the key service. It is fixed to add the key service information in the DAB-DAB link case.

8. It was reset immediately after the reconfiguration procedure in DAB mode. It should remain reconfigured status after the reconfiguration procedure to verify the results. Then the Reconfiguration Done state is added so it stays reconfigured until the user resets it.

9. Separated the CONTENTS parameter between FM and AM generators.

10. In FM RDS, UCS-2 encoding for eRT is added again.

11. Fixed a bug where FIG0/13 information was not transmitted when the data channel was set as a secondary component in DAB.

12. In FM RDS, UCS-2 encoding for eRT is removed. Only UTF-8 encoding is possible.


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