Service Linking Test Tool Using RWC2010C/B and RWC2100F

This is "Service Linking Test Tool Using RWC2010C/B and RWC2100F", which can control up to four pieces of equipment simultaneously. One equipment (station) is allowed to configure up to 3 services and accordingly the application can force to transmit up to 12 services with any combinations of DAB, DRM and/or FM RDS. The audio delay for each service is configurable for the seamless linking test. Please download the necessary files from the following.


Attached Files

RwcServiceLinkingTestTool_V1.02          : PC application software (updated on Mar 8, 2023)

Service Linking Test application manual.pdf​  : user manual 


Before using the service linking test tool with your RWC2010C/B and/or RWC2100F, please upgrade your equipment with the following FW versions and download the contents file to the equipment using the relevant utility or application. 


RWC2010B Utility and FW

​RWC2010B_FW_V1.640_20210629 (for upgrading FW)

RWC2010_utility_V2.633 (for downloading the contents file) 


RWC2100F Application (FW included)

RWC2100F_App_V1.022_20210630 (for upgrading FW and downloading the contents file) 


Contents files for the service linking test

Download files 

service_linking.wav    for FM in both RWC2010B and RWC2100F
service_linking.mp2    for DAB in RWC2010B only
service_linking.drm30  for DRM30 in RWC2010B only
service_linking.drmp   for DRM+ in RWC2010B only 


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