RWC5020A/B/M and RWC5021P Firmware Release V1.331 October 18 2021






2. In All Cert 3.1.a and 5.7, the RX2 frequency in RxParamSetupReq was out of the allowed frequency. It is fixed to use the allowed frequency value except for the default.


[RF Performance]






[Link Analyzer]







RWC5020A/B/M and RWC5021P Firmware Release V1.330 October 12 2021



1. Regional parameters have been updated according to the RP-2-1.0.3 specification.

    - Add AS923-4 to support the Israel region.

2. Removed the temporarily added IL-917 regional parameter for Israel local testing.

3. Applied the latest application layer protocols for FUOTA testing. The list of application layer protocols is as follows.

    - TS003-Application_Layer_Clock_Synchronization_v2.0.0-rc4

    - TS004-Fragmented_Data_Block_Transport_v2.0.0-rc7

    - TS005-Remote_Multicast_Setup_v2.0.0-rc3

    - TS006-Firmware_Management_Protocol-v1.0.0-rc3

    - TS007-Multi_Package_Access-v1.0.0-rc3

4. Removed the temporarily added KZ-865 regional parameter.

5. Fixed a bug in displaying more than 64 channels in the UL & DL channel list in the GUI in the case of GWT/ CN470/ LoRaWAN operation mode.



6. Fixed a bug in the verdict algorithm for the "RX1 and RX2 simultaneous frames" certification (5.9.C) test for EU868 v1.6.

7. The packet for the downlink error test consisted of a random payload of port number 100. However, according to the test specification, it was changed to use 0x03 (unconfirmed command) and additional random bytes with port number 224. It has been modified to conform to the new specification.

8. In EU Cert 5.7, the Failure information message was not correct for not sending LinkChekReq. It is fixed to show correct information as “DUT didn’t send LinkCheckReq”.

9. Minimum and maximum power calculations were reversed for All Cert 5.8.a TX power. Fixed in this version.


[RF Performance]

10. RX GAIN RANGE information was incorrect for RWC5020A. It was adjusted to an appropriate value.

11. Added RX power monitoring and storage function.

12. Improved AGC function to not apply MIC error packets.

13. In EDT or GWT mode, the AGC function cannot detect the saturated input power. It is fixed to automatically change the RX gain by detecting the saturation condition.



14. In the FSK of NST TX, the data display was displayed with FSK and TX frequency values. It is changed to display the actual transmitted data value.

15. The range of DATA_RATE for FSK in NST TX is changed from 1.0-128KBPS to 0.5KBPS-250KBPS.

16. Changed the "FM_DEVIATION" range for FSK in NST TX from 10-100KHz to 1-100KHz.

17. Improved NST test speed by reducing the delay of NST related remote commands.

18. In MFG mode, the tester may not receive packets because the SF of the MFG is not set correctly. It has been fixed.

19. Increased the number of digits of the measured frequency counter value in Hz


[Link Analyzer]

20. MIC_ERR_DISPLAY parameter was missed in GWT mode. Added it to the LINK parameter screen in GWT mode.



21. Added HW warranty information to the SYSTEM screen.



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