RWC5020A/B/M and RWC5021P Firmware Release V1.339 July 21 2022



1. ​​In GWT mode, DL MAC commands in Foptions field without payload were interpreted incorrectly so the tester did not send a response to it. It is fixed in this version.



2. In All Cert 1.4.a.i AES encryption, the maximum payload size could exceed the limit in some cases. It is fixed to be used less than the allowed payload size as per the DR.

3. The RX2 frequency needs to be restored to defaults before starting certification, but the setting of other applications such as link analyzers has been used in the certification. it is fixed to reset RX2 frequency when certification starts.

4. The Frequency offset of AS923 should have been applied to RX2 frequency in LinkADRReq. It is fixed to add frequency offset to the LinkADRReq.

5. In All Cert 14, Prioritizing Multiple MAC Commands, DownlinkDwellTime was set to 1 because it was not mentioned in the specification. It changes to 0.


[RF Performance]

6. While setting Target DR, the payload size of PER test is always overwritten by 1. This bug was fixed to be set to a custom value.





[Link Analyzer]

8. The first byte was changed to 0x03 without notice when user data was sent to the 224 port number. This bug has been fixed to send what the user has set.

9. It has been improved to display Join Request messages with error information when the DEV_EUI or APP_EUI do not match.

10. Added a malfunction test that disables responding to UL MAC commands, Confirmed Up or Join Requests.

11. Added RX gain to link analyzer packet info.



12. Downgrade the FUOTA protocol version to V1.0.0 as most DUTs only support V1.0.0.

13. Fix the bug of certification option. 



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