RWC2100F Analog Radio Tester Datasheet V1.1

Datasheet of RWC2100F Analog Radio Tester


The RWC2100F multi-channel analog radio tester supports FM-RDS, AM, RDS analyzers, and audio analyzers. 3-TX channels can be transmitted simultaneously and each TX channel can be set to FM-RDS or AM. FM-RDS provides many editable protocol parameters such as PID, PS NAME, radio text, etc. It also provides many functional tests such as AF (Alternative Frequency), EON, TMC, TIME, etc. The RDS analyzer receives signals over the air and displays RDS parameters. The received RDS signal can be recorded as a file, and the recorded file can be played back with the FM-RDS TX function. The audio analyzer shows the audio spectrum and audio waveform as well as measures audio signal quality (SINAD, THDN and SNR) and frequency. The Audio Analyzer is very useful for automatic measurement of RX sensitivity, by reducing the TX power of the 2100F TX signal and monitoring the radio (DUT) audio output with the Audio Analyzer.



Datasheet of O2100F-01 RF Combiner Module


3:1 Combiner for TX Ports 


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